My 10 year old son doing a full restoration on a retro Kawasaki KS2 80cc motorbike.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

getting ready for tomorrow's test ride

the pile on the right all came from the two parts bike

He challenged me that if he can pop a wheelie and put the front tire over his junk pile that I'll treat him sushi for lunch. He was able to do it so he now he is showing how a man he is... hahaha!

Then I challenged him that if he can sit and balance his bike, I'll treat him ice cream for dessert...

Then he told me that if he can stand and balance his bike that I owe him two ice cream...

He did stand-up and was able to balance his bike for several minutes and now he is laughing because I lost and I owe him sushi, ice cream and a double burger, hahaha!

He was also the one who repaired the bikes on the center and on the right. He did a piston ring change on the yellow bike (Suzuki Street Magic) and tire replacement on the blue bike (retro Suzuki Colleda)

I don't know why this photo is dark...

very eager to load his bike

I don't know why he likes loading bikes standing from the right side. He said that he is comfortable doing it because he can hit the rear brake easily...

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