My 10 year old son doing a full restoration on a retro Kawasaki KS2 80cc motorbike.

Friday, October 15, 2010

finished bike

After several months of knuckle busting and head scratching, my 10 year old son finally finished his 1st full motorcycle restoration / repair. The engine has lots of power (fitted with a racer mod piston and cylinder), gear box OK, brakes OK, suspension and tires OK, all key cylinders OK, lights and electronics OK, steering head and swing arm grease-up OK, fuel tank and fuel filter OK, bike is purring like a pussy cat!!! I give him a 10 out of 10 not because he is 10 years old but because he really did a good job. He utilized parts from the donor bikes and did not spend anything for new parts. The front light and the front fender came from a 4th bike donor (KSR) and the front brake master is from the 5th donor bike (KDX125). Other stuffs he got from me like paint, brushes, grease, oil, fuel... and lots of McDonalds, cheap sushis and piles of Coca-Colas and Pepsis :) I think that this is the real classic way of fixing stuffs.

Now most of the "big boys" tend to give-up too easily and just keeps on replacing new parts which I think is not repair but just parts replacement... So for you DIY grown-ups, please don't give-up that easily. My 10 year old son didn't give-up on his 30 year old bike and we wish that you don't too. 

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