My 10 year old son doing a full restoration on a retro Kawasaki KS2 80cc motorbike.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

bike make-up

Cleaning the plastics was the most boring part. It took my son several weeks to finish cleaning the front headlight cowl, front fender side fender and the rear fender. All the plastics were dirty and sun burned. He cleaned them all by using a stainless steel wool/brush (used in the kitchen for cleaning the sink and pots), Scotch Brite, sand paper and water usually after school. I should have given him the electric brush but best for him to sweat and learn doing it the old fashion way. You can see the color difference on the side fender if you check the photos posted earlier. He planned to use the original front fender and headlight cowl but since one of my friend gave him a better front fender and headlight cowl from a crashed KSR, he then decided to use the KSR's parts.

doing some painting using a touch paint pen

Heating the plastics to bring back some shine in them. He also changed the front fender coming from a damaged Kawasaki KSR and tied the crack with plastic tie wraps.

heating more plastic

After touch painting the fuel tank, heating the plastic, cleaning and waxing now the bike is ready for some test runs.

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