My 10 year old son doing a full restoration on a retro Kawasaki KS2 80cc motorbike.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

starting the engine

This was the first time he tried kick-starting the engine. After several kicks and still the engine wont fire-up he started getting worried. 

Mom too was excited to see if his bike will really start so she tagged along with us. My son got the bike to start but while he was bragging about his work, the engine stalled because of clutch-mis and we all had a good time telling him that he killed the engine and he has to do the repairs all over again...

He finally got the engine to start and have adjusted the carburetor... now he is one happy biker. Notice the prefab on the background, that is just mom playing ghost... no wonder where my son inherited all his corny jokes... (don't look at me OK, hahaha!)

now I'm left with this big pile of rubbish...

He still might need donor parts so we moved the parts inside our small prefab and had to stay there for several weeks because he can only do his repairs on Sundays and school-off days. Those parts were a real pain in the xxx but I really cannot complain...

with his parts plus mine, it was no fun to walk inside the prefab

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